The AP' s Washington Bureau Chief simply continues to amaze.

Much more problematic is that those concerned with the importance of a rigorous, independent, and at least reasonably objective press, continue to put up with this partisan shrill clothed in the camouflage of a reporter, much less the all important role of Washington Bureau Chief for the Associated Press.

Fournier's just doing his thing, which is practicing his often wildly misleading and skewed presentations, housed as "news." It's those who put up with him which is the real issue.

What do you do? Those with the power, make the case, and make it stick. That's all. Don't make it to your fellow choir mates, make it to America. Turn it into a story.

I suppose we could document several hundred instances, with hundreds more links and relevant facts, to emphatically back this up. But, really, what's the point. Do you really want to read it?