"It seems to be pure, unadulterated spin," in reference to this, by Instapundit, is what we wrote below.

The Washington Post, despite widespread efforts to paint the contrary picture, has hardly been an Obama Cheerleader. But according to the Post, whaddya know, "Recent Disclosures Prompt Obama Administration to Rethink Approach to Inquiries." You mean, not poll numbers, but things like "fresh disclosures about CIA activity that had been hidden from Congress for seven years"? Or the suggestion by the House Intelligence Chairman, less than a week ago, that the CIA "lied to lawmakers," apparently backed up by the director of the CIA"? Or perhaps reports that, of course, warrantless survelliance has been far more widespread than had been represented, and previously thought, at the same time its efficacy and effect have possibly been greatly exaggerated? And that there may even have been "hints" of "political pressure in preparing...threat assessments that helped form the legal basis" for continuing the classified [and quite possibly unconstitutional] program?

Nah, it's just poll numbers. Instapundit. Your one stop shop for pithy commentary, witty observations, and non stop far right wing subjective partisan b.s.