How is Monica Crowley Repeatedly Asked Back to Speak On Television News Shows?

This is how America is becoming increasingly misinformed:

McLaughlin Group, December 13, 2009:

John McGlaughlin:

There is Consensus now that cars do not grow on pineapple trees, but are made, usually, in auto factories.
Monica Crowley:

"No there's not!"
Ha ha. That was a joke.

Unfortunately, this is not:

John McGlaughlin:

There is consensus that the earth is warming.
Monica Crowley:

No there isn't.
Do you need evidence of the inaccuracy of this statement? Just google every prominent scientific organization the world over; NASA, the NOAA, etc. etc. Or just look at this chart from NASA going back over 130 years, draw your own conclusion, and then ask yourself:

How is Crowley this profoundly uninformed, and yetstill being held out as a person who is serving to inform us on our airwaves?

Oh, and as for every single mainstream science organization? Crowley now characterizes that as "religion." The fervid, ideological, radical desire to stick to a preconceived belief now matter how at odds with the dispassionate, non partisan, scientific facts around us, can be best described as almost religion like. So how do those so engaged avoid the severe cognitive dissonance that would occur were they to objectivley look at the incontrovertible facts?

Easy -- just dismiss the source of the incontrovertible facts as "religion" -- which, in this case, is essentially what Crowley has now labeled science.

The writer of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, would be so proud.

America: Reason has Left the Building.