Why is Fox Not Talking About this Nonstop?

Remember when, not long ago, the Fox channel, and many far right zealots simply could not stop proclaiming how the ACORN "voter fraud" was one of the biggest stories of the decade? And how a mainstream media that was giving it far too much attention, was, in their words, virtually ignoring it?

How much coverage is that same far right, and its sponsor channel that likes to work in some pseudo news tidbits with its newslike appearing advocacy, giving to this little piece of news regarding its "story of the year."
A newly-issued Congressional Research Service (CRS) study (pdf) on the activities of the community group ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) found no evidence the group has engaged in fraudulent voting or violations of federal financing rules over the last five years.
And how many times did America hear how this group, which supported Obama, had engaged in fraudulent voting or violated federal financing rules at the same time?

How many times will this "error of the year" be corrected? With near round the clock coverage of it just like Fox seemed to insist the "ACORN scandal" required?

Not exactly.  A google search of the terms "ACORN," and "fraud," with either "voter," or "voting" within the domain of foxnews.com yielded a plethora of results.  But in the first few dozen (we got tired of checking after that) there was no mention of the news above that ACORN had been cleared for the past half decade (changing "fraud" to "fraudulent" did not change this fact).

In fact, in the first few dozen results, none were even in the last two weeks or so, while November, October, and September found all kinds of ACORN and fraud stories on Fox.  It seems like, once the "story of the year" brought some news that didn't suit "fair and balanced" Fox's ideology, it went from being a 'story of the year" to pretty much off of Fox's radar.

And people still refer to this channel and organization as a news organization, which is the real shame. And this is Fox online -- which is far better than the TV channel and actually does sometimes carry some decent substantive news.