NRO and Jonah Goldberg Out of Touch with Reality

Here is what the National Review Online Actually published:
Janet Napolitano oversaw a report that singles out American citizens and returning vets as potential terrorists because of their political views.
The DHS report was on violent extremism, not the political ideology. Janet Napolitano did not oversee it, she inherited it. It was commissioned, and mainly produced, under the Bush Administration.

And to say that it "singles out American citizens and returning vets as potential terrorist because of their political views" is wildly off the mark.
Here's the DHS report.  Contrast it with NRO and Jonah Goldberg's fantasy world, where if there is a legitimate threat of far right extremist violence (which almost all experts concur on, including many noted conservatives) how does the DHS assess it without, according to Goldberg's "logic," "singling out" Americans for their views, absurd as this assertion of Goldberg's is. How does it? It can't, which is the whole point.