The Far Right and Instapundit's Manipulative Obsession with "ClimateGate"

Instapundit's obsession with climate gate was noted here.

Now Instapundit is citing articles (as part of its own pajamas TV site, no less) that call for a delay in climate talks, because of what is otherwise a fairly irrelevant academic scandal. And the article that it links to is truly profound:

Let's just start with the bulk of the first sentence:
Because, apparently, the “dog ate the homework” – more specifically the temperature data on which the whole global warming “can of beans” depends.
How much of this is outright lying, and how much is outright, abject ignorance?  It is hard to say.

But that is what happens when interpretation of facts and events is driven by ideology, rather than vice versa.  A largely irrelevant scientific scandal ensues, and in the world of ideology, all other substance must now fly out the window as well. How convenient. This way we can continue to avoid dealing with climate change!

And of course, to Instapundit,and this souce that Reynolds cites, it means that all of the temperature data on which the whole global warming 'can of beans' depends is now meaningless.

It is hard to accurately describe such idiocy with mere words.

Read the article. Yes, only those at East Anglia had the magic grail of data, with the rest of the world powerless to figure things out, and now, completely data empty. And thus with that data questioned, requoting out of context from an inane Times online article,  "It means that other academics are not able to check basic calculations said to show a long-term rise in temperature over the past 150 years."

No, it doesn't. And in fact it doesn't mean anything of the sort.  And to claim otherwise is abjectly poor journalism, and even worse science. (What it does mean is that academics are not able to check East Anglia calculations that show a temperature rise over the past 150 years.)

But would one expect anything less from an Instapundit article citing an article on its own home grown pajamas TV.  No shocker that this Instapundit site had no less than 120 million visitors in the last 12 month period measured.

The most manipulative and ideology reinforcing crap floats to the top.