More BS from Instapundit Insta-BS

Also from Instapundit, November 28:
GATEWAY PUNDIT: 4000 Patriots Join James O’Keefe At St. Louis Tea Party Protest.

Posted at 8:41 pm by Glenn Reynolds
So if you go to a tea party protest, that makes you a "patriot"?  Most of those at tea party "events" have a hard time even articulating what it is they are protesting about. But it means automatic qualification as a "Patriot"?

Yes, in the misleading, BS world of Instapundit.

Patriotism: To the far right today and Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit -- doing everything one can to undermine and attack the president of the United States when it is a Democrat, and not even questioning or criticizing the president or party in power when it is the party the far right voted for. Another way to put it is love not of country but of government, when it is the government one voted for, and knee jerk blind, hatred for government and its leaders, when it is not the government one has voted for.

Word to America. That is not Patriotism. That is very slow, creeping facism.