Sarah Palin and Political Coverage: A Wonderfully Bad Question, and an Accurate, but Disturbing, Answer

Here is the on the one hand inane, and on the other hand relevant, question that politics daily asked a handful of conventional political "experts:"

Will [former Alaska Governor) Sarah Palin ever be president?

Here is the answer: It depends. 

What does it depend upon?  How dumb our country becomes. 

We are becoming increasingly dumber. Hopefully, this is a trend that can be arrested, and reversed; but there are not legitimate signs of this yet.  If we become dumb enough, Sarah Palin will be president. If we don't, she won't.

This is not to be glib and say that she will be president if we are "dumb" enough to elect her. But it is to say that if our country continues to get dumber and dumber when it comes to politics, policy, and rhetoric, being led increasingly more by the latter, than by fact, while being manipulated or led by increasing ideological belief that we are in fact being led more by fact, than Sarah Palin will be become president.

Another way of putting it, is if we continue to listen to things like this intensely ideologically driven and abjectively subjective and often manipulative site, then she will.